Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tears are Cleansing

What is it about tears that make us automatically think about weakness?

Jesus himself cried, so why is it so hard for some of us, even some Christians find it hard to Cry?

I would admit I have this struggle from time to time myself.

Crying true tears should not be something we are ashamed of, the Bible tells us "There is a time and Season for Everything Under the Sun." A time for joy, but also a time for tears.

We want to live in the joy all the time, and we do when we live in the Lord, but perhaps joy in the Lord is different than the way Joy is for the world, in fact most of the world does not know true Joy because they do not know the Lord.

Laughter is healing, but I believe tears are the best way for healing to occur.

I am not talking about the constant crying and whining, but I am talking about something much deeper, the tears that come from struggling truly struggling, and in those moments of great struggle we have no choice but to call out to our Savior.

Moreover, God can remove every tear from our eye, in the time of trial, by abundantly pouring the love of Jesus Christ into our hearts.

Still, the best method of getting rid of present tears, is communion and fellowship with God.

As depicted in the picture the man is walking away from the world and heading towards the cross. It is the worldly challenges that cause us to cry the most. If we focus more on the Cross, then the tears will be for Christ and how He suffered for sinners like you and me.


John H said...

Well the Bible does say laughter does the body good, like a medicine.....However, God does know our weaknesses and frailties. Psalm 126:5 states that those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.

Anonymous said...

things of the world have and do make me cry more. we would not know true joy and happiness if it weren't for the evil in lfe. these days when i cry its tears of joy. i am a truly blessed daughter of God. ash