Thursday, February 18, 2016

Right to Die

Right to Die

This Friday night the show VICE on HBO will air a documentary on "Right to Die".  This is something that is a hot topic for many who suffer with a diminishing disease that steals the very mind of a person, known as Frontoltemporal Dementia.  I know because I'm one of them.  I think that dying with dignity is a paramount importance to many of us.  I appear and speak for a short moment on this documentary.  I want my family and friends to understand that at the time this was filmed I was in a very dark place with this disease.  I concur with people needing dignity when they are faced with dying from an illness that has no cure.  At some point all of us fear the enviable death, much more when you know that your dignity will suffer and the burden is on the family of taking care of you.  I'm certain that no one wants to be burden to their spouse or family.  When you lived a very active and productive life and all that's gone you lose sight of hope.

Since the filming of this my life is more Christ centered.  I feel like I have more purpose and I contribute this to my spouse (Debbie), children, grandchildren, cousins, and all my friends.

Please don't judge these people in this documentary because they all are great people in the eyes of many and especially mine.  They and I have just been thrown a curve ball......

Please click on the url attached to see preview of "VICE".
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