Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Muddled in My Mind

This is one of those weeks that us with dementia hate.  Who knows what causes the symptoms to be worse or different during some days.  This week I feel all muddled up in my head.  No clarity, no vision of the future, no release from an evil tormenting spirit in my head.  This is common for us with dementia and makes them seem worse than they probably are at that point.  When I get this way I have motor skill issues with my hands and even have trouble walking.  So, I have to write a poem about this moment in time.


Muddled in my mine
feel lost most of the time.
Can't wait until it's gone
because it stays to long.

It hurts to see what it does
in my life each time.
My wife see's my pain
to this disease with a complicated shame.

Praying for a time
when this disease is left behind.
This is what happens to people
with this disease.
They pray for day when
being muddled happens no more.
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