Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cards we are dealt

In our lives we are dealt a hand of cards, some representing great moments and some are filled with crisis. When you are dealt one of your cards in your deck, how will you respond? Life is not perfect, like the hand of cards we have been dealt! It’s how we handle each card as it is presented. How do we handle the cards that have obstacles, pain, and disappointment? Do we try to push them aside and replace them with only cards that represent encouragement, hope, and joy? All the cards in our deck mold our character and make us who we are and will determine the direction we will follow. It’s hard at times to have acceptance of cards that carry trials, but they are in the deck for a reason. People often throw back the cards that cause them to feel pain, but God does not want you too.

Challenge: Take a deck of cards and get a magic marker. Now, write on each card something that represents your life, whether it is good or bad. Now take the cards and divide them into two piles, (one you don’t want to change, and one that you want to change). Take the things you want to change and go to the bible with one each day and turn it over to God for him to handle and leave it. Pray over those cards that cause you pain and God will replace them with joy. It may not happen over night, but it will happen! Take the cards that you think don’t need to be changed and pray over them that God will increase the significance of that card in your life.

The goal of this challenge is to put you in direct daily communication with God. Although, God already knows what your needs are. “He still needs you to verbalize them.”

Examples of what you can put on your deck: acceptance, contentment, disappointment, encouragement, healing, joy, hope, life, obstacles, pain, struggles, trials......etc.

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