Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God is Awesome

God keeps no record of my wrongs, He washes away my shame, He fulfills my every need, because I’m saved by the “Blood Of The Lamb”.  He doesn't take me out of my problems he leads me through them. I need problems, or I would never change without confrontation, today I thank God for my problems. It is because of these problems I am a stronger man. God makes me confront my adversaries, because I am born-again to conquer them.
If His law wasn’t my delight I'd perish in my affliction. Every problem is an opportunity to let go of control and allow the potter mold us like Him. If we aren't in cooperation with God I think our attitudes can get upset and bitter through our circumstances. There is so much more in Jesus than anything this world has to offer.
His anger is for a moment but His favor endures a forever. God is so awesome. He provides me with enough faith to move mountains in my time of deep trouble.
Isn’t God Awesome.

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