Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stopping Dementia from Moving Fast

What Helps Stop The Dementia From Really Taking Hold for Me

I have found certain things that help me sustain my brain functions longer and keeps me more aware of everything.  I believe that we who have this disease can prolong it taking full control, thus keeping us out of the grave.

Humor is a great way to handle things that go not so great.  I have found if you can laugh at yourself when you say something wrong, or act strange, or even fall.  If you can find humor in it then you keep from getting frustrated and mad.  Stress is a consumer of your good brain cells.  Sure their are several occasions that you just want to punch a wall, or shout, cry, kick, and scream.  If so, do it!  Letting it out helps tremendously.👊🏻

When you get up in the morning play a game of solitaire, that gets the brain juices flowing.  Other things that work for me is just look up words in a dictionary.  Have a "word of the day", that you will try to use as often as you can when speaking or writing. This keeps the brain, mouth, and hands, coordinated as one tool.  Plus people will look at you funny when you toss out a word they are not familiar with.  Keeps them wondering, and it keeps you using your intellectual reserve bank.🤔

Next week my wife and are going to start playing bingo on Wednesday night at the local VFW.  This helps keep the eyes working and exercising them.  Recently, I have notice that my eyes have trouble track objects and searching for things.  So, I'm going to exercise those eyeballs! 😳

Lots of vitamin B-12 is great for the brain, and coconut oil is too.  Just take it, it's not going to kill you.....😜

This is a little advise that may help you and me down this funky journey.  👀

Never retreat always move forward.

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