Thursday, September 10, 2009

Priority #3 - Your Relationship with Your Children

Gods word is very straight forward on how your children are to behave. Your children are to honor thy mother and father. When children behave in a manner that is not of God's will, it opens up avenues for the devil to enter into a home. I have experienced this in my life as a young child and as an adult with my own children. It seems that when you come closer to God the devil works harder to destroy your relationships and your life with your family. The devil will work through your children who are not willing to listen to parents. The devil will insert drugs, violence, immorality, and all forms of abuse into the childs life to only get at the family that loves God and worships Him. Resently, I have had an issue with my son that has caused me to become very dispaired at times and react in manners that are not normal for me. With the brain disease that I have and the amount of stress this relationship causes, and it pushes me deeper into the disease that destroys my brain. I love each and everyone of my children and want nothing but the best for them. I want them to have happy memories of me, and not have memories that have been recently set by the devil taking control. I have had to let go of my son and put him in Gods hands to take care of now. I have done everything possible to help him and have only asked for his love, honesty, integrity, and character in return. Deep inside he is a bright, good, and loving person. I will miss our relationship, but will never stop praying for him and loving him. God knows where my heart is regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Psalm 127:3-5 – Children are a special gift from God. We have a special responsibility to care for and train our children.

3 John 4 – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” John is speaking of spiritual children, but God’s word continually uses family examples that should also be happening spiritually.

1 Timothy 3:4-5 – One of the qualifications for responsibility outside of the family is to have family business—that which God says is important—in proper order.

Joshua 24:15 – Family priorities include more than simply paying attention to and ministering to your spouse and children. Your family exists to serve and to minister as a unit.

Prayer: Dear Lord ,

Please watch over my son and protect him from evil. He is bright and intelligent young man, who has bad influences in his life. Give him the strength to fight the hold that the devil has on him and bring him back to me with an open heart of love. Father, I love him so much that I would do anything for him even lay my life down for him. Please Father protect him. Lord, continue to watch over my entire family and protect them from evil. For it's in Christ name I pray. Amen.
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