Friday, December 18, 2009

Limits on Faith

Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ (Romans 10:17).

When people struggle with their faith in God, it's not because their faith-object is insufficient. It's because people have unreal expectations of God. They expect Him to operate a certain way or answer prayer a certain way--their way, not His--and when He doesn't comply they say, "Forget You, God." But God doesn't change; He's the perfect faith-object. Faith in God only fails when people hold a faulty understanding of Him.

If you want your faith in God to increase, you must increase your understanding of Him as the object of your faith. If you have little knowledge about God and His Word, you will have little faith. If you have great knowledge of God and His Word, you will have great faith. Faith cannot be pumped up by coaxing yourself, "If only I can believe! If only I can believe!" Any attempt to push yourself beyond what you know about God and his ways is to move from faith to presumption. You choose to believe God according to what you already know to be true from His Word. And the only way to increase your faith is to increase your knowledge of God, your faith-object (Romans 10:17).

"Well," you may say, "that means there's a limit to our faith." Yes, there's a limit. But God isn't controlling it; you are. As the object of your faith, He is infinite. The only limit to your faith is your knowledge and understanding of God, which grows every time you read your Bible, memorize a new Scripture verse, participate in a Bible study, or meditate on a scriptural truth. Can you see the practical, tangible potential for your faith to grow as you endeavor to know God through His Word? It's boundless!

Furthermore, it is important to know that God is under no obligation to us. There is no way you can cleverly word a prayer so that God must act on your behalf. If God declares something to be true, you simply believe Him and live according to what is true. If God didn't say it, no amount of faith in the world will make it so. Believing doesn't make God's Word true; His Word is true, therefore I believe it.

I had to leave my job at the end of July 2009 for medical reason and I was so worried that we could not sustain ourselves financially. I immediately placed my faith in God that he would provide for my family, not just me. God has answered that prayer and has given us the ability to help others. He has not only helped financially, he has answered prayers that we having been praying for along time. Sometimes it is hard to keep the faith at the forefront of our lives, but it requires work and constant prayer. Thank you God! Don't forget to say thank you to God.

You must also surround yourself with people who have strong faith and believe in God. A good way to accomplish this is to find a faith based church, with strong leadership. We have been blessed to find just that in West Acres Baptist Church. We have a pastor that is so passionate about faith and believing that it gives us the strength, courage, and dedication. God wants us to come to him for our needs, even though he already knows what we need. He still likes to hear it spoken. The act of speaking it, is an act of faith.

Below is a simple prayer to help you get started. You must understand that God answers prayers His way, not your way.

Dear Lord, increase the boundaries of my faith today as I increase my understanding of You through Your Word.

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