Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's Lighting of Majestic Beauty

As I sat on my deck tonight, I observed what was created by the Ultimate Creator.’

Off in the northeast distance was what could be described as the best fireworks show a person could ever enjoy.  It was bouncing around the clouds with great enthusiasm, chasing from cloud to cloud never to be caught by another flash of light.  Yes, I’m talking about a heat lighting storm.  I looked for designs in clouds as each white bolt went out, to see if I could create some kind of animals in my head.  I even tried to see if I could see Jesus in the clouds. 

The storm was so beautiful, I had to get Debbie to come outside and enjoy what I was watching with me.  I pondered about how God new what would make me feel good tonight, and bring those found memories of my childhood back to life.  See, He knows what we need when we need it the most.  I not only watch the beauty in sky, but I enjoyed it with the love of my life.  That was just what I needed to bring the day to a close.

I reflected on Genesis and about God, and how He spoke this world in to creation.  That God had a plan in mind and we were the result of the ultimate plan.  I thought to myself, how could anyone have such an imagination to create a creation to this magnitude.  Then I remembered that according to God’s word, we were created in his image.  We have the abilities to create beauty in many ways, may it be in music, art, gardens of flowers, and love amongst each other.  Yes, we have flaws and that is sin.

But God in his ultimate creation and wisdom, He even created a way for us to be forgiven of our sins, that was Jesus Christ.  Wow, Jesus is the answer.  If we call on him He is with us, no matter what!  Why, I bet you He was watching Debbie and I right then enjoying God’s production for me.  Because He knew it was what I needed in cloudy days.  See, His Light shines even through the darkest clouds.

Take time to enjoy the beauty around you, and take time to share it with someone you love.  That creates memories forever.  You don’t even need pictures to capture that moment, because you have a photo shop in your mind.  Thank you Jesus.

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