Friday, July 24, 2009

Wisdom (What is it)

Probably for a long time we all may have wondered how "GREAT WISDOM" is obtained. I was blessed today when our youngest daughter returned from church youth camp in Florida. She is only 16 and has so much wisdom for a young child. I learned that wisdom is something you don't earn, nor is it given, it's something that is indeed placed in you from our Lord. She took the time to talk about what was discussed at youth camp and what she discovered within herself. The proof of wisdom came from her when she said "sometimes we only have a little spark." I thought to myself what in the world is she talking about! What she was saying was that we allow our faith to turn into a spark, instead of a flame for Jesus Christ.

We are truly blessed with a child of "GREAT WISDOM." She went on tell us that Isaiah 40, is her favorite bible passage. I have included a link to this passage for your reading of Gods word.

If you click on the title of this posting above(Wisdom)it will lead you to the word of God.
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